June 19, '92 
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Verified by at 27/01/2018
Siamo freschi reduci di un giro stupendo, il cui valore è stato straordinariamente aumentato dalla guida del professor David Nizza. Ogni passaggio, dal Monte degli Ulivi al Getsemani, dal Cenacolo al Santo Sepolcro, da Qumran a Masada, è stato l’occasione di una vera e propria lezione – non soltanto di storia, ma anche di filosofia, geografia, geo-politica, e in alcuni casi anche geologia – preziosa per comprendere interamente il significato profondo di tutti i documenti del passato che questa terra conserva per noi.

Possiamo dire con certezza che, nonostante tutte le nostre letture preparatorie, senza il commento del professor David Nizza la nostra visita di questi siti, crocevia della storia politica e spirituale del mondo intero, sarebbe stata molto più superficiale e meno appassionante.

Per non dire della simpatia della persona, insieme alla quale è stato davvero gradevole passare questi giorni, e della sua generosa disponibilità a farsi carico di volta in volta di tutte le nostre esigenze particolari.

Pietro, Costanza e Anna Ichino

P.S. Per un assaggio della ricchezza e profondità delle spiegazioni e interpretazioni offerte dal Professor Nizza, consigliamo la lettura di questo suo articolo di alcuni anni fa sull’assedio di Massada e sui suoi possibili significati nella memoria storica del popolo ebraico:

Left by: Pietro Ichino
From: Milano - Italy
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Verified by at 27/05/2011
Здравствуйте, уважаемые господа!

Ещё раз хотим поблагодарить вас за огромное удовольствие, которое нам доставил ваш тур. Отдельная искренняя и самая глубокая благодарность Ларисе Шор за её мастерство, знания и любовь, которую она передаёт нам, рассказывая о стране и достопримечательностях. Мы в Хайфе купили диск "Ностальгическая прогулка по земле Израиля с Мариной Фельдман-Меагер", как написано на диске- известный гид. Но, как говорил Козбма Прутков- " Не верь глазам своим". Надо сказать,что по сравнению с Ларисой эта Марина даже рядом не стояла. Так что может Ларисе подумать над созданием такого диска. Нам кажется, что у туристов он пойдёт на "ура".

Спасибо вам большое!

С наилучшими пожеланиями!

Семья Шухниных.

Left by: Шухнины Шухнины
From: Russia
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Verified by at 02/09/2013
Nous avons eu la chance de passer 3 jours en 2013 avec Isabelle: 1 jour complet sur Jérusalem 1 jour pour mer morte et Massada et 1 jour pour Cesaree, Saint Jean d´Acre...
Super guide sur le fond et la forme: très compétente et très sympathique, elle a réussi à passionner toute la famille, y compris les enfants (7,12,17 ans) qui ont adoré ses explications et nombreuses anecdotes Isabelle est bien plus qu´un guide, elle est comme une amie de longue date avec qui vous êtes ravi de passer quelques jours de vacances! Super!

Left by: Henri Foulon
From: Hongrie
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Verified by at 02/09/2013
Arrived in Israel with the whole family. We was lost and not sure how to get around and the hotel gave us a name and a guide. Uri took his time to find out what each one of us wanted to see and do and in no time we were on our way! The education I received is priceless! If we asked to stop he did. Uri took us to all the Holy places and even found a minister from Texas for us and was able to be baptized in the Jordan River. My family will never be the same after we first hand observed the friendly loving people of all faiths, and yes, it was safe! Uri is full of knowledge and worked very hard to make our trip special. Thanks Uri! We will be seeing you again.

Left by: Laura Davis
From: North Carolina
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Verified by at 01/05/2013
Tomer is a great guide, very serious wsith his work and walking enciclopedia you may say. As tour-operator we always ask and receive his services for our groups. we operated over 20 groups together and each and every time it was wonderful and I found something new to learn and see in Israel with his help.
Eurovacanta Oradea Romania

Left by: Alina Giurgiu
From: Oradea
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Verified by at 17/02/2012
Bonjour Ariel,

Je vous contacte en tout premier lieu pour vous remercier de la qualité de votre visite guidée de Jérusalem de jeudi dernier (avec mon épouse Isabelle et nos amis Jean et Michelle).
Nous avons été comblés par la richesse de vos savoirs.

Aussi, je joints vos coordonnées à une relation professionnelle,qui visite Israel et donc Jérusalem, en février prochain et qui serait intéressée par votre expertise.

Bonne continuation dans vos activités
bien cordialement


Left by: jeanphilippe
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Verified by at 01/12/2011
I highly recommend the services of our guide Deeb Dides and if I return to Israel I would once again use his services.
He is well educated, speaks perfect English and knows his history and the local cultures. Most of all he was very helpful and considerate, he started out as a great guide and developed into a good friend and we even felt like he was a good son. We would be proud to have him in our family.
He consistently anticipated our needs and desires, I have learned very much form him.
We thank him for his outstanding work.

Alaska State Representative
Robert “Bob” Lynn SR.

Left by: Robert
From: USA
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Verified by at 06/08/2011
Shalom, Shalom,

I was with my family on your tour a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to thank you again for your excellent guidance on our visit. You covered just about everything I had hoped for - and more! I definitely want to see more of Israel on my next trip, and I will be sure to recommend you to any friends planning a visit to Israel.

As promised, I´ve attached the pictures of the mosaic floor that was uncovered by the storms at Caesarea. I hope you find them useful.

L´hitraot v´todah rabah,

Left by: Lisa Rabin
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Verified by at 27/05/2011
Hi Ronen,

I am sorry that I missed you when we got to Tel Aviv Airport yesterday. I spoke to Egal (is that the right spelling) but I missed you in the scramble to get the suitcases. I know that Lynne managed to speak to you but I just wanted to thank you for the way in which you guided our tour from Cumbria. We all had the opinion that you are a special person, gracious with your clients, humourous, knowledgeable, respectful where your beliefs may conflict with others and totally professional. A trip to the Holy Land is special but you made it extraordinarily so. Thank you so much for all that you did for the Carlisle Diocese Pilgrimage "blue bus". We will never forget you and hopefully, if God spares us to return one day, we may see you again. We will certainly be spreading the good news about Israel and how amazing a country it is to visit. God bless you and your family. If you are ever in this country and want to see Lakeland and need somewhere to stay and guide you and your family then give us a call, we mean that! Regards and God bless!

Left by: Bill Wright
From: Cumbria, UK
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Verified by at 16/12/2010
Во время своего путешествия по Израилю в октябре 2010г. для поездки на север страны мы решили воспользоваться услугами индивидуального экскурсовода.
Конечно, это дороже, чем обычная автобусная экскурсия, но оказалось несравненно насыщенней и интересней, так что о своем выборе мы не пожалели.
Нашим гидом был Моти Осповат. Предварительно пообщавшись с нами по телефону, он выяснил наши интересы и предпочтения и программу нашего путешествия составил с учетом наших индивидуальных пожеланий. За день мы успели посетить реку Иордан, Капернаум, Тверию, Галилейское море, Назарет... Посмотрели бы что-нибудь еще, но световой день закончился и пришлось возвращаться домой.
Наш экскурсовод показал и рассказал нам очень много интересного и познавательного, знал ответы на все наши многочисленные вопросы, оказался сведущим в истории, религиеведении, страноведении, экономике и статистике...
Весь день он заботился о нашем комфорте, напоминал, чтобы не забывали пить воду, привел пообедать в кафе, соответствующее нашим пожеланиям... Было ощущение, что Моти с удовольствием показывает страну своим друзьям. К концу дня мы даже чувствовали себя уставшими от обилия впечатлений и новых сведений.
С удовольствием вспоминаем день, проведенный с Моти, и готовы рекомендовать его всем желающим поближе познакомиться с Израилем.

Left by: Марина, Алексей.
From: Россия
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Verified by at 10/11/2010
Здравствуйте, Ирина

Хотела еще раз поблагодарить Вас за прекрасную экскурсию по Иерусалиму, нам все очень понравилось, спасибо Вам огромное! Без Вас мы конечно вряд ли бы смогли получить такое впечатление о городе. Очень интересно было погулять по рынку во второй день - все очень колоритно, безопасно и интересно (и ресторанчик тоже). Еще нам очень понравилось, что Вы так хорошо "подстроились" под интересы нашей маленькой группы - мы посмотрели большую часть из того, что хотели, причем это все было в свободном непринужденном режиме. Вы четко определяли, сколько времени нам нужно в том или ином месте, все было без спешки и поэтому нам удалось получить такое удовольствие от города. И от общения с Вами. Еще раз спасибо Вам! Нам очень понравилась поездка, мы много узнали о стране - о культуре, политике, нравах, людях - в первую очередь благодаря Вам. Я надеюсь, что мы еще вернемся, и не один раз.

Мы обязательно будем рекомендовать Вас своим друзьям.


Left by: Ольга
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Verified by at 06/08/2011
No tengo opción de seleccionar a Riky.
Para Riky Grunewald

Querido Riky,
Símplemente agradecerte el magnífico trabajo que hiciste con nosotros durante nuestro viaje (31/08/10-07/09/10)por Tierra Santa. Agradecerte por toda tu paciencia, sabiduria, buenas maneras, humildad, y sobre todo, por habernos transmitido el amor a esa tierra tan desconocida para mí, y que tan buenas vibraciones me ha trasmitido.
Para todo el que necesite un guia por Israel, maravilloso. Nos dejaste enamorados a todos. !Excelente trabajo¡
El corazón roto, del autobus nº 3 de Santander (España).
Un abrazo, Sagrario.

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Verified by at 16/12/2010
I have been to Israel and visited Jerusalem many times. Apparently, I did not see anything until I met Josef. His passion for history and knowledge on diverse subjects are comparable only to his love to his country. In a matter of a day I learned so much and was touched so deeply, that I hope it will stay with me for the rest of my life and I´ll be able to pass some of what I learned from Josef to my children. Truly remarkable and very generous man! You will not be sorry if you are lucky to book his time. (The excursion was in Russian.)
Leonard Lev, Glastonbury, CT USA

Left by: Lev Leonard
From: Glastonbury, CT, USA
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Verified by at 16/12/2010
“My family truly enjoyed the time spent with Zel while touring Jerusalem.Our family of 6 includes 4 teenagers.Although this can be a difficult age group to engage Zel accomplished this with his great mastery of knowledge and his keen wit.We were only able to be in Jerusalem for the day but gained great insight from our tour with Zel.” March 19, 2009
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Deborah Salant,

“I used Zel´s services to undertake a trip to climb Masada at dawn, and then spend the entire day in the Dead Sea area, visiting, discovering, relaxing, hiking, swimming ... and more. He does a great job.” July 5, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Jonathan Danilowitz ,Tel Aviv

“My family and i had a great time when we visited Israel and had Zel guide us. We travelled the length of th country and every day was exciting and fun as well as full of relevant information. He maintained his sense of humour (somehow) and even got our teenage girls to laugh. My advise...have fun with Zel!” October 28, 2008
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Robert Joseph ,Australia

“In Oct 07 I was with the Australian Light Horse on a tour though Israel to commrmorate the 90th anniverary of the4th Aust Light Horse charge at Beersheva.Zel was one of the guides on this tour with his historical and local knowledge and mateship, he did an excellent job,I would recommend him and company to anyone considering any one of his tours.Tom Edgar.5Pedder Place, Coombabah.Queenland Australia.4216” September 20, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Madeleine Edgar ,Australia

“Zel is a relationship genius who was able to connect to each member of our extremely diverse group (age/religious upbringing/past Israel experience) both in terms of content and on a personal level such that each one of us had a fantastic time. He is funny and kind, knowledgeable and fun to be with. He has a special knack for kids and he was always reponsive to our needs and objectives.” September 15, 2008
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
Randi Levine ,USA

“Zel made our study tour of institutional and social aspects of water managment in Israel a very powerful as well as enjoyable learning experience through his attention to detail, ability to adapt, expert knowledge of his subject matter and personality (with a fine balance between humour and conceptual clarity).” September 10, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Ray Ison ,Australia

“Zel is a wonderful tour organiser and guide. He has a wonderful knowledge of the history, culture and topography of Israel. He also organised a tour to Jordan for us. He is warm, good-humoured, thoughtful, and adventurous, and always ready to find an intelligent, creative solution to any problem which might arise. Our tour with Zel was well organised, most interesting and great fun. I recommend him highly to anyone wishing to visit the region. I look forward to his guidance when I visit Israel again.” September 2, 2008
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
Eva Balint ,Australia

“Zel is a wonderful tour guide and teacher. He turned our vacation into a joyful, insightful learning experience. Our children Loved learning from Zel. He also knew just the right places and activities for our family. We did things with Zel that we would not have known to do on our own. He also knows the best places to saty and to eat. He is a wonderful person, guide and teacher. when we return it will be with Zel as our guide.” September 4, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Jeffrey Rosen ,USA

“Zel served as our tour guide during a visit to Jerusalem several years ago. He has an excellent knowledge of the city and its history, including various points of interest that are not the obvious, "typical" sites. He knows quite a bit about the history of modern (20th century) Jerusalem in particular, in addition to the Old City. Very trustworthy and reliable.” September 2, 2008
Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity
Perry Newman - Atlantica Group ,USA

“Zel provided a wonderful and memorable tour of the Old City of Jerusalem. His knowledge, both present and historical was impressive and enriching. He showed us interesting and beautiful places we would not have found on our own, and I not only highly recommend him, but hope to take another one of his tours in the future.” August 31, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Susie Karasic,USA

“Zel´s focus on a personal, customized Israeli tour experience was great for our family. We were a group traveling with grandparents, parents and young children and had been to Israel many times. He found special, often somewhat "off the beaten track", experiences for all of us each day. Whether it was underground archeology tours, swimming in the rough seas of the Mediterranean, climbing Masada just after sunrise, eating dinner in the woods of the Galilee, biking in national bird reservations, walking the Western Wall tunnels, touring a dig that a family member had worked at 20 years earlier, we all had a lot of fun and learned much about the country. Zel is very personable and knowledgable (without being opinionated ... unless you really asked to hear his thoughts). He is an expert in many areas, but offers to connect you with someone more expert if you are looking for an even deeper experience. He naturally went the extra mile, calling a shopkeeper in advance of our late visit and asking them to open so that we could purchase an item of special meaning to our family. He was committed to ensuring that we had a great experience, even calling us later in our trip to suggest additional things we might want to do. Touring with Zel was real, not a canned experience. If you like touring in small groups, with the flexibility to make changes along the way and keep things informal but structured, Zel (and Zel Tours) is a great way to go.” July 25, 2007
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Orrin Feingold,USA

Left by:
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Verified by at 13/12/2009
Witam Pania!
Jestem zainteresowany zwiedzeniem Izraela w roku 2010 lub 2011. Czy jest możliwość z Pani strony rezerwacji noclegów w różnych miejscach Izraela w miarę tanich( Tel Aviv, Jerozolima, Morze Martwe, Eilat) oraz transfer z i na lotnisko. Czy jest możliwy z Panią konntakt przez Skypa.
Pozdrawiam Leszek Kocibowski

Left by: Leszek Kocibowski
From: Polska, Tychy
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Verified by at 13/12/2009
Mi testimonio es para Silvio Blau, pero no aparece en la lista de guías así que me gustaría que lo publicaran.

Acabo de llegar a España y no he podido esperar para escribir estas palabras. En Octubre de 2009 tuve el placer de tener como guía en Israel al Sr Silvio Blau. Ha sido una experiencia enriquecedora toda la sabiduría que nos ha transmitido a mi grupo de turistas españoles porque nos ha ayudado a comprender perfectamente la cultura israeli. Sobre todo para compartir nuestras vivencias con otros españoles y decirles que Israel no es el país que vemos en las noticias. Nuestros amigos nos dijeron que estábamos locos por ir a un país como Israel, y ahora puedo decirles a esa gente que están muy equivocados, es un país increible que merece la pena conocer. Con Silvio (con su sombrero y andares a lo Indiana Jones) nos ha mostrado las realidades de Israel, su cultura y sus gentes. Dudo mucho que haya sitio en el mundo con tanta historia como Israel. Gracias a Silvio puedo decir que algún día volveré a Jerusalem (tengo que recoger mis botas rotas que dejé en la tienda que hay a la salida del Santo Sepulcro, ¿recuerdas Silvio?)

Muchas gracias por tu amigabilidad y paciencia con todos los del grupo.

Left by: Jose Maria Cordero
From: España
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Verified by at 08/08/2009
Нам очень повезло с экскурсоводом по старому городу. Аркадий Луковский – кандидат технических наук, профессию экскурсовода освоил уже здесь, но владеет ею с блеском. Он любит этот город и знает о нем буквально все. Просто ходячая историческая энциклопедия! Кстати, и прежняя его деятельность в качестве руководителя исследовательского подразделения была отмечена правительственным грантом.

День, проведенный в старом городе с Аркадием Луковским – самое яркое наше впечатление о поездке в Израиль.

Из статьи Саши Бородина, Оттава: «Иерусалимский Левъ» от 23.06.09,

Left by: Саша Бородин
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Verified by at 08/08/2009

Dear Neil,
We are home now and just wanted to write and thank you for your amazing job in guiding us in Israel. Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and style were beyond great. As we were interested in the daily life as well and the historic sites, you were the perfect guide for us. We really enjoyed getting off the usual tourist paths that one can only do with an expert who knows the local people and make it happen - such as yourself. You enriched our trip tremendously and we thank your.
Bob and Helen Blacklock

Left by: Helen Dr Blacklock
From: Houston
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Verified by at 12/02/2009
Dear Moshe,

My family and I were with Rev. David Mainse’s tour of Israel and Egypt in mid-November 2008. I wanted to thank you personally for making our tour of Israel so memorable.

Moshe, you are an excellent guide. You are so knowledgeable about the history and culture of Israel, as well as the Bible. Your comments about how the topography influenced Biblical events and the current political situation were very interesting and I don´t think that any of us on the tour are going to be able to read articles about Israel or read the Bible without remembering what you said and what we saw.

My family and I also really appreciated your competence and patience. You kept our large group on time and on schedule so that we didn´t miss out on anything... not an easy task, I´m sure! In addition, you ensured that we got more than we were supposed to. For example, when people on the tour were disappointed that we didn’t have a chance to see the “Galilee Boat”, you changed the schedule so that we could see it. Thank you for being so flexible and kind!

Moshe, you were a very important part of our physical and spiritual journey through Israel. Our group was indeed fortunate to have you as our guide.

Yours sincerely,
Rebecca Malhi

Left by: Rebecca Malhi
From: Calgary, Canada
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Verified by at 18/10/2008
Dear EVA,

Thank you so much for the excellent guidance you gave to our Taiwan Group, when we visited 2 - 3 weeks ago.
The planning of the Trip was well arranged and efficiently carried out - so we wasted NO time, thanks to you. Your detailed & good explanations of the historical aspects were much appreciated. You are an excellent Guide !!

PETRA was also most interesting & beautiful. Everything we saw & tried in Israel & Jordan were, for us, a good experience. We all liked the trip !!

Again, thank you, Eva. You made our Trip a VERY memorable one. Will NEVER forget our trip and good memories!!!!

Kind Regards/Mit Freundlichen Gruss,

Left by: Connie & Jens Wolhardt
From: Taipei, Taiwan
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Verified by at 14/09/2008
Lieber Herr Arnold,

Wir moechten uns ganz herzlich bei Ihnen bedanken.
Fuer die freundliche und engagierte Fuehrung durch Israel,
Fuer die freundliche Atmosphaere und Ihr geoeffnetes Herz,
Nicht zuletzt, fuer Ihre Doppelfunktion als sicherer Kraftfahrer.
Wenn wir uns an Israel erinnern, dann werden wir auch an Sie denken.
Herzliche Gruesse und Wuenche fuer Sie und Ihre Familie,

Left by: Familie Kleinkitz
From: Berlin, Deutschland
See all testimonials about Dan Arnold (4) 
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Verified by at 13/07/2008
We just returned home and wanted to thank you for such wonderful service.

Zamir was very professional and knowledgable. It was the perfect way for us to see as much of Israel as possible in only two days.

Left by: Allan Oren
From: CA, USA
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Verified by at 31/03/2008
Hallo Judy,

you surely wondering, who the hell is Etienne and Rita.
We had the opportunity to have you as our guide about 3 months
ago. We arrived in Israël on Saturday, September 29 and left the next Saturday,
October 6.

You were our guide to Jerusalem on September 30 and to the north the next day.
We keep in mind that we never had a better guide.
Perhaps a little bit late, but from the bottom of our heart, congratulations for
the way you do your job.
It was a wonderful and instructive experience.
Thanks once again.

I take advantage of the occasion to wish you all the best for the coming year.
We wish you and your famiIy a prosperous, succesfull and, above all, a healthy

Kind Regards
Rita and Etienne

Left by: etienne david
From: france
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Verified by at 15/01/2008
Oded: Thank you so much. I really enjoyed our tour. My wife and I are figuring out when we can come for our son´s Bar Mitzvah. I will let you know as soon as possible. Thank you. Shalom.

Left by: Alan Kirschenbaum
From: Louisville, KY, US
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Verified by at 30/11/2007
It is difficulte to express my feeling of gratefulness to Mrs. Zoya Kopilevich. Wonderful guide, wonderful person, pretty woman. I can keenly recommend Zoya´s service to everyone.
Call me if necessary: +380-52-234-4567

Left by: Sergey Vasiliev
From: New York, USA
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Verified by at
We especially appreciated your assigning Jehuda Abraham to
be our tour guide. He is a brilliant, entertaining and loving man who
filled us with history and biblical lore as we motored through your
beautiful country. . .and we loved being with him every minute.

I am now dedicated to being helpful as I can for the Festival
and tourism and events that are being developed by Shahar Azani
in Los Angeles.
Again, thank you for your kind attentions.
Best regards,

Left by: Murray Weissman
From: North Hollywood, CA
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