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Jerusalem- facts and more…


Short history of the Great city

  • - 20th century BC- Jerusalem firstly mentioned in Old Testimony as Shalem. Jerusalem surrounded by city wall. The most of Jerusalem population- ebbuseis.

    - 20-14 centuries BC- Jerusalem is pagan city vassal of Egypt. Population of Jerusalem is about 2000 inhabitants.

    - 14-11 centuries BC- Jerusalem is part of Judah’s allotment. Number of Jews in Jerusalem lower.

- End of the 11th century BC- King David proclaims Jerusalem as his capital city. Ark of the Covenant has been transferred to Jerusalem.

- Middle of the 10th century BC- The Great Jerusalem Temple is being built under rule of King Salomon.

- Mid of the 10th beginning of the 6th century BC- Jerusalem is capital city of the United Kingdom, later of Judea solely.

- 586-516 yy BC- Jerusalem destroyed, the Temple burnt, the most of Jerusalem Jews deported to Babylon.

- 516- 333 yy BC- Jerusalem is small town under Persian rule. Jewish population of Jerusalem is minor.

- 333-167 yy BC- The Greeks replaced Persians in Jerusalem. Jews in Jerusalem are about 10 000.

- 167- 63 yy BC- Hasmoneans revolt. Judea is independent. Jerusalem is its capital City.

- 63 y. BC- Romans captured Jerusalem.

- 37 y BC- Herods the Great is ruling in Jerusalem. Now it is big city. The Second Jerusalem Temple is being built. Population of Jerusalem about 100 000.

- 4 y. AD- Herods is died. His son Archelaus is ruling in Jerusalem.

- 9 y. AD- the Romans removed Herods Archelaus from Jerusalem throne. Roma procurator in Jerusalem

- 67 y. - the Great Revolt began in Caesarea and continued in Jerusalem.

- 70 y - Roma Emperor Vaspasian captured Jerusalem. Thousands of Jews killed, tens thousands deported from Judea. Jerusalem destroyed.

- 70 y - beginning of 2 century AD- Jerusalem is small provincial town. Jews in Jerusalem just a few thousands.

- 130 y - Emperor Adrian ordered to prepare to Third Jerusalem Temple building. And canceled his decision immediately. Bar-Kohba revolt begins.

- II-IV century D- Jerusalem is small provincial town.

- IV-VII century - Jerusalem becomes center of Christian world. Numerous churches of Jerusalem are being built: Holy Sepulcher Church, Assumption, etc. Waves of 

  pilgrims swamp Jerusalem. Jews in Jerusalem-a few thousands.

- VII-XII century - Jerusalem is under Arab rule. XII-XIII century - the Crusaders are in power in Jerusalem. Saladin captured Jerusalem for short period. XIII-XV century -

  Mamalukes is ruling in Jerusalem

- XV-XX century - Jerusalem is small provincial town in Ottoman Empire.

- 1918-48 yy Great Britain is ruling in Jerusalem

- 1948- Until our days- Jerusalem is capital city of State of Israel. Population in Jerusalem about 700 000.


Jerusalem is known by many names

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